Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin:
Egypt Addresses Climate Change Through Initiatives Based on Scientific Solutions and Stimulate Climate Finance Mobilization

Egypt is interested in enhancing regional aspect of climate action through the Five Regional Roundtables Initiative

Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin, UN Climate Change High Level Champion for Egypt and UN Special Envoy on Financing 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, said that Egypt addresses climate change in a practical way through initiatives and solutions based on scientific research and advanced technology, and stimulate the mobilization of climate finance.

This came during his participation in the first edition of the International Climate and Environment Conference hosted by Nile University, with the participation of a large number of academics and representatives of governments and civil society.

Mohieldin stressed that this practical approach to address the phenomenon of climate change was represented in the initiatives launched during COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh last year, as well as the topics discussed by the conference and the resulting outputs.

Mohieldin stated that the Sharm El Sheikh conference discussed how to deal with specific issues related to climate change, some of which are related to mitigation, the first line of defense, such as dealing with single-use plastic and the harm it causes for biodiversity and life in the seas, rivers and oceans, as well as the management of water resources and the optimal usage of renewables.

He added that COP27 was characterized by its discussion of issues related to the second line of defense, which is adaptation to climate change, explaining that the conference issued the Sharm El Sheikh Adaptation Agenda (SAA), which seeks to achieve resilience through five main areas of work: food and agriculture, water and nature, coasts and oceans, human settlements, and infrastructure.

“The agenda stimulates the mobilization of funding for climate action, especially those related to adaptation, and also stimulates scientific research aimed at finding viable scientific solutions.” Mohieldin said.

The climate champion said that Egypt, through its presidency of COP27, made a diplomatic achievement in regards to the third line of defense in the face of climate change, by reaching an agreement on the launch of the Loss and Damage Fund, whose working mechanisms are currently under discussion.

Mohieldin noted Egypt’s interest in strengthening the regional aspect of climate action, which was represented in the launch of the Five Regional Roundtables Initiative by Egypt presidency of COP in cooperation with the UN Regional Economic Commissions and HLCs last year, which the UAE presidency of COP28 co-organizes its second edition this year.

“It is an unprecedented initiative aimed at finding lists of bankable, investable and implementable climate and development projects.” Mohieldin said, adding that the first edition of the initiative succeeded in reaching 128 projects, while the second edition mobilizes necessary funding for the implementation of these projects.

Mohieldin pointed to Egypt’s interest in localizing climate and development action through the launch of the National Initiative for Smart Green Projects under the direct auspices of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and the active participation of a number of concerned ministries, explaining that the initiative aims to enhance the participation of all local parties in climate and development action as well as raising awareness of climate and sustainable development issues, through identifying six categories of projects that include large, small and medium-sized projects, as well as women, youth, startup and local non-profit entities projects.