Dr Mahmoud Mohieldin stressed paramount importance of localizing climate action

Dr Mahmoud Mohieldin: Decent Life initiative has attracted the UN attention as one of the unique initiatives in its speed and timing

Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin, the UN High Climate Change High Level Champion for Egypt and UN Special Envoy on Financing 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, stressed the importance of of ​​localizing development to enhance community engagement.

These statements were part of Mohieldin’s speech during an event entitled “Empowering the South: Green Economy and Climate Change Adaptation”, organized by Enroot Development Organization and the MASAAR Program in the presence of the Minister of International Cooperation, Dr. Rania Al-Mashat. The event was also attended by Dr. Ziad Bahaa El-Din, former Deputy Prime Minister, in cooperation with the embassies of the Netherlands and New Zealand in Cairo and the Drosos Foundation.

In his speech, the climate champion indicated that there are global standards and controls for the development process, adding that the community must participate in this process.

In this regard, Mohieldin referred to the National Initiative for Smart and Green Projects , describing it as the first national initiative of its kind at the governorate level.

The Initiative, held under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, is to select the best projects at the 27 governorates under six categories : large, small and medium projects and projects of the Decent Life Initiative , startups and projects related to women and the local community.

The climate champion stated that the winning projects will be announced on November 3.The best 18 winning projects are to be taken to COP27.

Mohieldin explained that this initiative confirms the community’s participation in the great work related to COP27 which is the largest event in terms of mobilization and representation at the world level, including heads of state, heads of government and ministers, as well as civil society represented by its organizations and companies. This is also in addition to research and scientific centers.

Meanwhile, he commended the support offered to these projects and startups, whether by the Dutch government or the New Zealand embassy, ​​in addition to the support of Enroot Development Organization.In a related context, Mohieldin stressed the importance of focusing on Upper Egypt, as it is a common goal to combat poverty in every part of the country.

“We witnessed from the first day that Decent Life initiative seeks to combat poverty, support women and develop ways of living in villagers and in small towns ,” he said.

He expressed his happiness that the initiative has attracted the attention of the United Nations as one of the unique initiatives in its speed and timing, wishing it success in the coming months and years .

“What we are trying to focus on is to intensify our work and initiatives as well as directing new investments and engaging civil society and various projects for rural areas . we see them as a subject of interest and development.”

“Despite all the challenges, We seek to see more investments and more different job opportunities,” he remarked.

Dr. Mohieldin stated that there will be an opportunity to adopt some of these projects.

“We see the possibility of adopting some of these projects during the Egyptian presidency of the climate summit to make the best use of them in terms of climate and development purposes,” he noted.

He pointed out that the joint work will start with Sharm El-Sheikh summit. “I am still receiving invitations from the British government to participate in some climate-related activities.”

“We will start from Sharm el-Sheikh summit, inaugurating a great work, and I hope that there will be communication between representatives of non-governmental institutions, civil society and the private sector, in order to communicate in various activities over the course of the next year,” he said.

Dr. Mohieldin honored the graduates and owners of start-ups , bearing in mind that the event witnessed the launch of 34 start-ups at the universities of Sohag, South Valley, Luxor, Aswan and Assiut . They are all working on environmentally friendly projects, within the activities of “MASAAR” business incubators in Upper Egypt, including Aquawise, Rihan and Luffa Derma .

Dr Mahmoud Mohieldin stressed paramount importance of localizing climate action