Keys to the post-coronavirus economy

The global economy needs to take effective measures against emerging obstacles in order to achieve growth in the post-pandemic world.

The Covid-19 has dealt a deafening blow to every indicator of life and sustainable development worldwide. The pandemic has infected 163 million people, of whom 3.4 million have died. The UK Economist magazine has said that according to a statistical model it has developed using 121 indicators to cover gaps in the available numbers, the real death figure is at least three times that which has been announced, driving the magazine to put this figure on its latest cover with the headline “Ten Million Reasons to Vaccinate the World”.

In a world where numbers can lose their meaning, it is difficult to make decisions to protect the general population, and myth and rumor can prevail over science and facts. There is no doubt about the impact of the vaccine, and there is no way forward but to urgently expand its availability.

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