Dr Mahmoud Mohieldin: The National Initiative for Green and Smart Projects enhanced the economic culture and investment opportunities in Egypt

Dr Mahmoud Mohieldin, UN Climate Change High Level Champion for Egypt and UN Special Envoy on Financing 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, said that the National Initiative for Green and Smart Projects led practically to the increase of economic and development culture in Egypt, either on the level of human categories such as youth and women, or on the sectoral level such as agriculture, industry, etc.

Mohieldin added, during his participation in the work of the National Jury of Green and Smart Projects, that there are future aspects that proved the success of the initiative as it led to setting a map of investing in green and smart projects across all governorates and in the six categories of projects that include various sizes of projects, not for profit initiatives, women projects and projects related to Decent Life presidential initiative.

He stated that the third of November will not be a day for just declaring the winning projects, but it will also represent a good chance to inform local, regional and international entities about the initiative, it’s mechanisms, goals, philosophy and outcomes.

Mohieldin stressed that the climate action in Egypt will not be finished by the end of COP27, explaining that Egypt presidency of the conference actually starts on it’s first day according to the UN rules, what means that Sharm El Sheikh conference is the real starting point of development and climate action in Egypt, not the end line.

He said, in this context, that a year of hard work awaits the Egyptians regarding the development and climate projects, adding that the green and smart projects initiative proves to the whole world the Egyptian effective contribution to the climate global effort through local projects.

The climate champion confirmed that the initiative will continue in the coming years and could be enlarged to include more categories such as the cooperatives sector, especially that different countries all over the world are rediscovering the role of this sector including the developed countries.

Dr Mostafa Madbouli, Egypt PM, launched the National Initiative for Green and Smart Projects across governorates last August, the initiative includes 6 categories of projects which are mega projects, medium projects, small and local projects especially those related to Decent Life presidential initiative, startups projects, not for profit social initiatives, development projects related to women, climate change and sustainability.

All governorates registered 6281 projects in the 6 categories of the initiative, the best 6 projects in each governorate have bees selected (one for each category) to be presented at the final stage, in which the jury will pick the best three projects of each category to get 18 winning projects across Egypt, beside 27 projects to be selected by the governors to represent the governorate.

Dr Mahmoud Mohieldin: The National Initiative for Green and Smart Projects enhanced the economic culture in Egypt