Dr Mahmoud Mohieldin: incorporating science solutions in combating climate change

Dr Mahmoud Mohieldin, UN Climate Change High Level Champion and UN Special Envoy on Financing 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, stressed the importance of incorporating science solutions in combating climate change to ensure that climate financing and resources are effectively allocated through a comprehensive scientific approach, a matter that will help enhance climate policies .

This was part of a seminar co-hosted by AUC and UNICEF titled “The Road to COP27: Shifting Behaviors to Address Climate Change in Egypt,” in cooperation with The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab Middle East and North Africa (J-PAL MENA) .The session was attended by Jeremy Hopkins, UNICEF Representative in Egypt, Dr. Ali Abu Sunna, CEO of the Environmental Affairs Agency, and Ahmed Dalal, President of the American University in Cairo.

In his speech, Mohieldin stressed the need to adopt a more comprehensive and holistic approach that achieves equity in the files of adaptation and mitigation of the consequences of climate change, in addition to dealing with losses and damages that affect life and livelihoods. This is in addition to providing the necessary financing based on the Paris Agreement.

The climate champion also pointed to the need to move from commitments to implementation, explaining that Copenhagen’s pledge to provide $100 billion annually to support climate action in developing countries represents only 3 percent of the needs of those countries.

Mohieldin stressed the need to integrate the regional dimension into climate action in light of the pioneering initiative launched by the Egyptian presidency of COP27 in cooperation with the United Nations regional committees and climate champions to mobilize climate finance through holding five regional forums. The outcomes of these forums are scheduled to be presented at the upcoming climate summit in Sharm El-Sheikh.

On the other hand, Mohieldin referred to the localization of climate action through the National Initiative for Smart Green Projects under the auspices of the Egyptian President .He also indicated that the Egyptian government aims to hold this competition annually in all governorates.

With regard to financing, Mohieldin stressed the need to set specific criteria for sustainable financing and support carbon markets in line with the needs of developing countries, in addition to linking countries’ budgets to development plans.

Dr Mohieldin stresses the necessity of applying scientific solutions in climate action